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Moodle Update / Consultation Sessions

We did a minor upgrade to Moodle over the holiday break and changed some other configuration settings: • The Gradebook has changes to some of its views that make it more obvious how grade items are organized into categories, and that also make it easier to set up weights for weighted means of grades.  If […]

Moodle, Blackboard, and Mahara update

Moodle: Over the past month (Nov 8 through Dec 8, which includes Thanksgiving week), there were 36,057 unique visits to and 222,760 pages viewed on our Moodle system. We are planning only a few changes to Moodle over break – adding more processor capacity on the Moodle server to speed up Moodle services, a minor […]

Availability of Library Subscription Resources (EZProxy)

As a faculty member, you are encouraged to link directly to the Library’s subscription databases and online journals, just as you would link to any website or resource on the internet, from within your Moodle course pages. In order to make resources from the Library’s subscription databases and online journals available to students who may […]

Making your Moodle Course Available

Moodle courses that have been created by the TLTC this summer are intentionally set as ‘unavailable’ to students, so as to reduce confusion. As the start of the Fall semester approaches, faculty can make their Moodle course pages ‘available’ to students by following the steps below. To make your Moodle Course Available to Students: Login […]

Moodle Login Directions

Moodle login directions for students and faculty can be found here:

Course Reserves Changes

Please review our course reserves changes, which will go into effect for the Fall 2009 semester.

Changing your Moodle Course’s ‘Enrollment Key’

Your Moodle course is set up with your course’s ID number as the default “enrollment key” (password). You can change your course’s enrollment key to anything you’d like. The enrollment key is only required the first time your students access your course on Moodle. To view/change your enrollment key: Login to Moodle and navigate to […]

Making Files Available to Students in Moodle

There are several ways you can make Files available to students within your Moodle course. Please note that the Files section is only visible the instructor until you add a Resource that points to the file(s). Locate your materials on the Reserves Network Share If your documents were scanned by the Library, you can locate […]

Moodle questionnaires

Moodle comes with a built-in Choice activity which allows instructors to set up a simple poll for students to take.  Choice is a very easy activity to use, and is quick to set up.  But it is limited; it cannot handle the range of question types that you would want in more sophisticated surveys. We’ve […]

Faculty LMS survey

In October, faculty were asked to fill out an online survey to provide feedback on their use and experience with Blackboard and ERes, and to rate which features were most important to them in our selection of a Learning Management System.  We received responses from 73 faculty. The most important LMS features on the faculty […]