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How does my Moodle course look to my students?

To view your Moodle course the way students see it, click on the “Switch role to…” pull-down menu at the upper right side of your Moodle course page and select “Student” from list. (view screen cap image) This is useful if you decide to set up resources and activities ahead of time that you’d like […]

Moodle Import Function

Directions regarding the Moodle Import function to re-use content from Moodle courses from previous semesters. Note: If you need access to your previous semester’s Moodle course, please email Watch the screencast tutorial To move content (resources and activities) from your previous Moodle courses into your FA10 Moodle shells, you can use the Import link […]

Managing your Moodle Course Participants List

Enrolling Students and Managing Your Moodle Course Participants List To enroll/manage/remove participants (students, other faculty members, learning assistants, etc.) into and from your Moodle courses: click on the ‘Assign Roles’ link within the course’s Administration block click on the link for the role that you’d like to manage (i.e. student, non-editing teacher, librarian, learning assistant, […]

Reserves Network Share

All faculty members now have access to the Reserves Network Share (where we save all content scanned by the Library). Here, you can browse your own materials as well as other faculty members’ scanned files. The Reserves Network Share is now available to all faculty on and off-campus: If you are using Internet Explorer: […]

Using file upload Assignments in Moodle

I received the following question from a faculty member: My students tell me that there is a way for them to post their assignments on Moodle as an alternative to emailing them to me. How is that accomplished? It would be much more efficient. What you want to use is an Assignment activity, specifically the […]

Using discussion forums in Moodle

There are 4 types of discussion forums in Moodle.  Which one you use depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. To add a discussion forum, turn editing on and select Forum from the appropriate ‘Add an activity…’ menu, depending on which section of your course you want the forum to show up in. Some basic […]

Reserves Network Share

All faculty members now have access to the Reserves Network Share (where we save all scanned content that comes through the Library). Here, you can browse your own materials as well as other faculty members’ scanned files. The Reserves Network Share is available here: updated post:

The best way to direct students to your Moodle course

We’ve had some discussion during the Moodle workshops this past week about the best way to get students into your Moodle course.  With Moodle, you can email your students a direct link to your course or students can go to the Library’s homepage ( and click on Moodle under “Services” on the left. If you […]

Availability of Library Subscription Resources (EZProxy)

As a faculty member, you are encouraged to link directly to the Library’s subscription databases and online journals, just as you would link to any website or resource on the internet, from within your Moodle course pages. In order to make resources from the Library’s subscription databases and online journals available to students who may […]

Making your Moodle Course Available

Moodle courses that have been created by the TLTC this summer are intentionally set as ‘unavailable’ to students, so as to reduce confusion. As the start of the Fall semester approaches, faculty can make their Moodle course pages ‘available’ to students by following the steps below. To make your Moodle Course Available to Students: Login […]

Moodle Login Directions

Moodle login directions for students and faculty can be found here:

Course Reserves Changes

Please review our course reserves changes, which will go into effect for the Fall 2009 semester.

Changing your Moodle Course’s ‘Enrollment Key’

Your Moodle course is set up with your course’s ID number as the default “enrollment key” (password). You can change your course’s enrollment key to anything you’d like. The enrollment key is only required the first time your students access your course on Moodle. To view/change your enrollment key: Login to Moodle and navigate to […]

Making Files Available to Students in Moodle

There are several ways you can make Files available to students within your Moodle course. Please note that the Files section is only visible the instructor until you add a Resource that points to the file(s). Locate your materials on the Reserves Network Share If your documents were scanned by the Library, you can locate […]

Downloading YouTube videos

Recent question from a faculty member: “How can I download videos from YouTube for use in iMovie projects?” Downloading YouTube videos is a moving target.  I’ve adopted a couple of different tools in the past for doing the downloads, only to have them not work later because YouTube has changed something (presumably to make it […]