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Moodle music video is out

Check it out: httpv://

Removing permission for students to start new questions in Moodle Q&A forums

The Q&A forum type in Moodle is a good option for reading reflections or other activities where you want students to individually demonstrate their understanding of some material but also follow that up with class discussion.  Topic threads within a Q&A forum are set up as separate questions.  Anyone in the class can respond to […]

Invitation to a Webinar: Making Better Word Documents

Dear Colleagues, The SUNY Center for Professional Development invites you to attend: Title: Making Better Word 2007 (2003) Documents Date/Time: Thursday, August 19th – 10:00 – 11:30 am Cost: FREE Registration: Topic: Learn how using styles can make your Word documents look more professional, and be more searchable and accessible on the web. Using […]

Course book creation project – wiki or Google Docs?

I recently received an email from a faculty member who wanted his students to collaborate online to essentially write a text on the course topic, and he asked whether to use a wiki or Google Docs.  So I replied: A wiki would be a good choice to support collaborative writing, and you would have a […]

Reserves Network Share

All faculty members now have access to the Reserves Network Share (where we save all content scanned by the Library). Here, you can browse your own materials as well as other faculty members’ scanned files. The Reserves Network Share is now available to all faculty on and off-campus: If you are using Internet Explorer: […]

Fall 2009 Moodle Kickoff workshop series

Last year the faculty task force reviewing learning management systems (Moodle, Blackboard) decided to incorporate electronic reserves functions into the learning management system, to provide greater faculty control and a unified approach to online resources.  A notice on changes to electronic reserves went out in April ( available at ).  The main points were: […]

Advice on the instructional uses of wikis

I was copied on this advice from one of our faculty members, David Seabrook, to another faculty member developing a hybrid course, on how to use wikis in class.  I thought it was good advice, so I asked permission to copy it here. There are some real challenges to using a wiki: 1) students have […]

Downloading YouTube videos

Recent question from a faculty member: “How can I download videos from YouTube for use in iMovie projects?” Downloading YouTube videos is a moving target.  I’ve adopted a couple of different tools in the past for doing the downloads, only to have them not work later because YouTube has changed something (presumably to make it […]

Online tool for converting PDFs to Word documents

Here is an online site that will allow you to convert PDFs to Word documents (or to text files, image files or HTML): Operation of the site is very straightforward – you browse to find the PDF on your computer that you want converted, click the convert button, the file is processed by their […]

Purchase2010 blog access

To access the Purchase2010 blog: Create an account at, using your Purchase email and whatever username and password that you would like. Email me ( that you’ve created your account.  I will check with Elise and add you as a member of the blog. Log in at using the username and password […]