Google Docs

December 2nd, 2010
Google Docs welcome screen

Google Docs welcome screen

Google Docs to foster collaboration in the classroom and professionally

Workshop description: “Have you been in the situation where you’re working with a number of colleagues on campus or off to co-write a document or prepare a joint presentation, and you’re emailing various versions around as attached files and trying to keep track of which is the latest version?  It can be a nightmare.  Google Docs is a good solution that can bring those problems under control.  This workshop will give you hands-on experience editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations through the Google Docs application, and will step you through the process of sharing documents and presentations with colleagues, either as editing collaborators or for review.  We’ll also discuss how your students can use Google Docs to support their group work, and to make it easier for them to give presentations in our smart classrooms.”

Workshop outcomes: participants will sign up for a Google account (if they don’t already have one); create new and upload examples of each of the document types; share documents for review and collaboration; create a form for collecting information online.

Workshop agenda

  • Rationale for online document collaboration
  • Signing up for a Google account
  • Orientation to Google services
  • Layout for the Google Docs interface
  • Working with Documents
    • Creating new vs uploading existing
    • Standard menu options and toolbar tools: formatting, fonts, styles, lists, alignments, etc: inserting images; hyperlinks; tables; etc.
    • Document export options
    • Publishing documents on the web
  • Working with Presentations
    • Adding and working with slides; slide designs
    • Adding content to your slides: text fields, images, text boxes, hyperlinks
    • Animating text and images, incremental review
    • Publishing presentations, tips for showing your presentations through a web browser
  • Working with Spreadsheets and Forms
    • Entering data, using formulas
    • Working with charts (graphs)
    • Setting up web forms: editing questions, setting up different question types
    • Inviting survey responses: email invitations; embedded survey forms
    • Viewing and sharing survey results
  • Sharing documents for collaboration
    • Steps for inviting collaborators
    • Hands-on practice in real-time collaborative editing
  • Google Docs in the classroom
    • Google Docs presentations as a convenient way to bring student presentations into class
    • Google Docs as a tool for group projects: group presentations, collaborative writing of group papers, survey tool opportunities

Slideshare presentation (screen captures for use during the session)

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